N-Back Time Pilot Instruction Manual

Hello! I am you from the future! Inclosed with this manual you will find one time machine! Time travel is a weird thing though, as you pass through this 'Time Stuff' it messes with your mind a bit... ok look I don't know how it works, but this is the deal. While you are in the time stuff you have to make mental corrections based on the 'N' Number. You have to remember which of these cubes lite up N times back and press the center button when they match up. If you don't do it right well.. I don't know exactly what happens, but its not good.

How to Use

Menu Screen:

Game Screen:

About N-Back:


TL;DR - N-Back training makes you smarter.

I decided not to create a Dual N-Back because research showed that doing both visual and audio at the same time didn't have any extra impact on fluid intelligence improvement.


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